Three Signs That Indicate The Need For A Replacement Roof

Asphalt shingle roofs typically last many years before homeowners need to replace them, but there are factors that can greatly reduce the lifespan of a roof. Homeowners should inspect their roof on a regular basis and look for signs that indicate it’s time to replace their existing roof. Read the information below to learn when homeowners should contact a Roofing Company Atlanta area contractor to inquire about a replacement roof.

Wetness In The Attic

Homeowners should periodically check their attic to determine if they need a Roofing Replacement. Homeowners should examine the attic ceiling in the daytime and look for signs of light shining through the attic boards. This is an indication that roof materials are missing and, when it rains, water can get into the attic.

By using a flashlight, homeowners should also look at the walls of the attic to see if there’s any water damage. This will appear as dark streaks that run down the wall from the top of the attic. Individuals should also inspect the insulation and items stored in the attic for signs of wetness or moisture.

The Current Age Of The Roof

Individuals who have asphalt shingles on their home’s roof can expect the roof to last approximately 20 to 25 years. Those who keep up with roof maintenance and repairs can expect a longer-lasting roof. Areas of the roof that are shaded with trees may wear out faster due to algae growth on the roof.

If there’s not proper ventilation under the roof, the air can’t circulate. Proper circulation helps to dry out areas of the roof that retain moisture. Inadequate circulation can also decrease the longevity of a roof, and homeowners will need to contact a Roof Replacement Atlanta area company to install a new roof.

Damaged Shingles Or Granule Loss

Strong winds in Atlanta can cause shingles to become loose, and some may even fly off the house. When this occurs, the roof will leak, and this can cause damage to the roof deck and, possibly, the inside of the house. When homeowners notice that shingles are missing from their roof, it’s important to call Roofing Companies Atlanta to inquire about repairs or a replacement.

Homeowners can also look in the home’s gutters to determine the amount of granule loss from shingles. If the gutters are filled with an abundance of tiny granules that have fallen off the shingles, they can no longer effectively protect the roof and should be replaced.

SuperiorPRO Exteriors can replace or repair any type of roof in the Atlanta area. This company also provides maintenance programs for roofs so homeowners won’t ever have to worry about roof problems again. While performing a maintenance check, a roofing contractor can identify and repair any roofing problems before they get worse.


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